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Introduction and plan: private nurseries

Update 30/09/2019


1.1 Definition

The childcare market deals mainly with childcare from less than 3 years old (2.3 million in 2016 according to Le Figaro ). In France, there are two types of childcare:

  • Collective reception (including pre-schooling in crèches, drop-in centres, kindergartens or multi-child care facilities);
  • The childminder or nanny (home childcare).

Private daycare is a for-profit care service for children under the age of school. In the global childcare market, private daycare centres face competition from public daycare centres, home-based childcare (driven by the development of applications to connect nannies and families) and direct family-based childcare. Competition is fierce between these actors: childcare workers emphasize the individual approach to the relationship with the child while collective care and crèches highlight their socialization capacities. There is also very strong competition between crèches, which are of very different types (parental crèche, family crèche, drop-in centre, kindergarten, etc.).

The private crèche market in France is highly concentrated, and represents an annual turnover of several hundred million euros: the top six private crèche companies represent more than 80% of the market's turnover. The participation of investment funds in the networks (entry of TowerBrook and BPI France in the capital of La Maison Bleue and TA Associates in the capital of Babilou) also reflects a consolidation of the private crèche market in France. The growth of the private crèche market is expected to increase considerably with ambitious objectives from the main established networks (700 crèches, Babilou, Grandir, etc.).

Since 2004, most private crèches have been agreed by CAF, and allow families, in return for public funding, to benefit from the same rate as in municipal crèches. The future of the private crèche market in France will depend greatly on the imbalance between demand and supply of places, not to mention the amount of public subsidies granted.

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