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A deodorant is a cosmetic product, marketed in the form of spray or from roll-on whose main purpose is to hide bad body odours . A popular variation of deodorant is the antiperspirant, which both masks bad odours and reduces the flow of body perspiration. The segment of room air fresheners is not considered in this study.

The deodorant market in France has reached several hundred million euros and is in stable growth in recent years. The deodorant market, which is particularly competitive, is divided between the world leaders in cosmetics or mass consumption (L'Oreal, Unilever, etc.), and the PRIVATE LABEL (private labels). The players in the deodorant market are counting on the compressed format (25% lower carbon footprint, using 25% less aluminium and 50% less propellant gas) to gain market share, like Unilever.

The deodorant market should eventually evolve towards greater transparency, with the increased consideration of consumer associations' claims regarding the product composition (aluminium salts, etc.). Consumers increasingly prefer products free of components affecting the skin of the body . Aluminium-free, alcohol-free and ACH-free deodorants are various versions of famous deodorants that are gaining in importance among consumers. With the growing awareness of the harmful health effects of aluminium salts in deodorants, the demand for these products has increased considerably, particularly among women. CADMIUM, for example, has launched a range of deodorants without aluminium salts, alcohol and parabens. In addition, this product has a 48% higher efficiency against humidity. Companies such as Nivea also launched aluminium-free deodorants.

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