Boxes delivered to your home

Update 17/10/2019


Market definition and presentation

The boxes delivered to your home are boxes containing a selection of products or new products available in a wide variety of fields (fashion, beauty, gastronomy, oenology, high tech, etc.) that the customer receives at home, without knowing what products he will receive. The box is delivered at the frequency chosen by the customer at the time of his online subscription (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.). The concept of subscription boxes began to be developed in early 2010 in the United States in the beauty sector and in 2011 in France with the launch of GlossyBox, My Little Box and JolieBox, and then extend to multiple sectors ( Welcome to the jungle ).

The principle of these boxes is st that, generally, the monthly price is degressive when the customer commits over several months, or even year-round. This system of" subscription-based commerce "(in French, commerce based on an underwriting system), allows consumers to discover new products based on e-commerce and by offering subscribers products adapted to their taste, in order to build their loyalty . Often, beauty box publishers do not pay for the products contained in the packages and they are sometimes even paid to include certain brand items that have a significant marketing interest . Thus, a number of customers are directly affected by brands and consume their products ( Consumer Globe )


With regard to market players, it is important to remember that ent of start-ups , generally specialized in a product segment . Their business model mixes e-commerce and the principle of subscription. Market leaders are beauty specialists, such as the French start-ups My little Box and JolieBox, the American Birchbo x, or the German Glossybox.

The site identifies tests and gives its opinion on all existing boxes in France and currently lists about 300 .

L he market is like this highly competitive and constantly evolving since new actors appear and disappear regularly. It is also a core market young and booming . The development potential of this market is very high for the coming years and the margins for progress are considerable since there are still relatively few consumers who know and consume boxes in France. According to Le Figaro In 2015, only 26% of French people were aware of the existence of boxes. The number of potential customers is therefore relatively high.



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