Arrangement of hotels, restaurants and points of sale

Update 02/10/2019


1.1 Scope and market definition

Interior design is by definition the "arrangement of volumes and decorative elements in relation to each other". The designer in charge of the layout must use his know-how in furniture design, organization, and site supervision. The designer must, therefore, call on a wide range of professions: Design office technician, project manager, site manager, manufacturing workshop operator... It is possible to internalize all these professions or to use service providers. In practice, the designer is therefore responsible for the interior layout of a building. According to L’Ameublement Français, the categories of spaces concerned are as follows:

  • recreational spaces (cinema, theatre...) ;
  • commercial spaces (point of sale, exhibition...) ;
  • spaces of care and health (medical office, hospital...) ;
  • collective spaces (station, airport...) ;
  • office space ;
  • hotel, restaurant, café and discotheque areas.

For the purposes of the study, we will focus only on the hotel, restaurant and sales point market.


This diagram represents the main activities covered by the fittings business:

This polymorphous profession must deal with the latest trends in a growing market driven by the needs of corporate customers and the expectations of end consumers.


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